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Hon. Gretchen W. Taylor
Family Law Mediatior, Arbitrator, Judge Pro Tem, Parent Plan Coordinator

Now at Signature Resolution

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A Focus on Results

A commitment to your needs

    Gretchen W. Taylor, a retired Family Court Commissioner with an extensive career first as a Beverly Hills Family Law attorney and then as a Family Law bench officer, stands out for her exceptional skill in resolving complex Family Law disputes. Her unique approach to dispute resolution, honed through years of legal practice and mediation, combines deep legal expertise with a profound empathy for the parties involved.

    Her prowess in managing complex financial matters, alongside her thoughtful consideration of minors' well-being, has cemented her high satisfaction and success rate among parties and lawyers alike.

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My Approach

A personal touch to sensitive matters

    My approach to mediation is deeply influenced by my years of experience, both in the courtroom and beyond, guiding parties through the resolution of their conflicts with compassion and understanding. I believe in the power of pausing, listening, and creating a space where all voices are heard and validated. This approach has been highly successful in unraveling the complexities of family law disputes, from financial entanglements to the delicate matters of child custody and support.

    I take pride in facilitating a process where everyone involved can move towards letting go and embracing the solutions that emerge from our collective exploration. My ultimate goal is to reach outcomes that are not only legally sound but also nurture the emotional well-being of all parties involved. Let's embark on this journey together, with understanding and empathy at the forefront.

Connie M.

    Getting a divorce and going to mediation is the first part of reaching an agreement. I read all of the reviews here. None of them are good. However, they're all based solely on the judge mediator that you/your lawyer choose. I did not go with the recommendations of my lawyers. Why? I wanted a judge that I felt could understand legal, property, and family law based on my personal circumstances. I googled each lawyer and read everything I could about them before I decided who to choose to represent my needs in mediation. I chose Gretchen Taylor. This review is based on Gretchen Taylor and her ability to understand family dynamics, property division, and equality. In mediation, you need the courage to say a firm no sometimes, the ability to say maybe, and be willing to compromise both ways towards the final agreement. I liked the way she spoke to me and my lawyers, I liked her demeanor, I liked her negotiations back and forth between myself and my ex, and I felt that she listened and was very fair. I almost canceled the second day of mediation because I thought there's no way my ex and I were going to agree. As it turns out, we came to a completely different asset split that both of us feel we won! Thank you Gretchen Taylor for facilitating and being level and caring and equally fair throughout the process. You were my first choice... And obviously you were the best choice. I can't thank you enough!

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